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The Company Neuropro (Neuroproject Ltd.) is one of the leaders in working with governmental healthcare institutions in the field of neurosurgery and oncology in Russia. Neuropro was established by professionals who work more than 15 years in the medical market in Russia and CIS. We represent several European and American manufacturers of medical technology products and consumables.

Company Mission

Extending own knowledge in healthcare, Neuropro seeks to build up a new national mind and individual solicitous attitude to health.

Corporate Strategy and Commitments in Our Relationships with Customers

  • The Company's strategy is focused at achieving the high-level customized service in logistics, engineering, technology, product support in such areas as neurosurgery and surgery, intensive care
  • Any time we are able to provide our customers with solutions intended to improve their productivity and effectiveness
  • Own logistic
  • Own service support
  • Own technology and product support

Corporate strategy and commitments in our relationship with partners

  • The foundation of our strategy is the particular level of quality that we determine and guarantee to be sustained. We assume responsibility for all steps of sales and support process and do as much as possible by our own effort. This insured our exclusive rights from partners.

Scope of Activity

  • Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery
  • Pain Management
  • Image Guided Surgery and Robotics
  • Neuromonitoring
  • General Neurosurgery
  • Oncology

The key products

  • Stereotactic System (CRW, Radionics)
  • Renaissance™ Surgical Guidance System (Mazor Robotics)
  • IGS navigation (Kick, Curve, Brainlab)
  • Mobile Intraoperative CT (AIRO, Mobius)
  • RF Lesion Generator (RFG, Boston Scientific)
  • ICP and Brain Temperature Monitoring System (Camino, Integra)
  • Brain Tissue Oxygen Monitoring System (Licox, Integra)
  • Temperature Management System (Arctic Sun 5000, Medivance)
  • Ultrasound Dissectors (Cusa, Integra)
  • Others

Neuropro today

  • 15 year of experience in medical Market
  • Knowledge about market and unique base of solvent purchasers
  • Reputation of experienced, professional and reliable company
  • Distributor's network of about 70 companies
  • More than 200 loyal users
  • Variety of educational programs for customers and employees
  • Readiness to invest into partnership development
  • Team of skilled engineers, product and sales specialists